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Retail Lumber

We carry dressed and rough industrial grade softwood lumber.

Our lumber is heat treated, but not grade stamped and may not meet local building codes for load bearing or structural purposes. Since it is intended for industrial applications it is ideal and cost effective for home projects that do not need to meet local building code specifications.

2x4x7'/8'/9'/10' ewpic3 ewpic5 ewpic7
2x6x7'/8'/9'/10' ewpic10
2X4 and 2x6 square edge product ewpic14 ewpic14 ewpic14 ewpic14 ewpic14
1x6x6'/7'/8' #2 fence boards ewpic14 ewpic15 ewpic16
1x6 1x8 1x10 siding boards 8'/10'/12' ewpic21 ewpic22 ewpic23 ewpic24 ewpic25 ewpic26 ewpic27
1x4 1x6 1x8 industrial grade concrete forming boards ewpic31 ewpic32 ewpic33
4x8 industrial grade plywood ewpic18 ewpic19 ewpic20
A home project garden shed built and framed with our 2x4 and 1x8 economy lumber ewpic28 ewpic29 ewpic30